Dedicated teams within your own organisation

We believe that in-house teams are key for successful digital transformation and growth of the business. Chunk Locals builds dedicated marketing, design and development teams within your own organisation. Packed with creative thinkers and makers, development specialists and marketing experts, Chunk Locals is the optimal flexible solution to get ahead of your competition.

Our clients include VodafoneZiggo, Vodafone UK, Nationale Nederlanden and ING Bank.


Blend your organisation’s knowledge with the digital expertise of our creative agency. Chunk Locals are highly skilled:

  • UX designers
  • Visual designers
  • Webcopy writers
  • Advertising Creatives
  • Front end Developers
  • Digital Project Managers

By insourcing teams or individuals you strengthen your organisation just when you need it.


We provide flexibility and the highest quality in human creatives, shortening your time to market and reducing operational risks. We make sure that on-boarding and initial briefings are a smooth process. It is the easy way to build creative teams within your own changing organisation. And when you need extra capacity, we are flexible to rapidly scale the team up with the right skilled resources.


Chunk Locals are extremely passionate about creating the best solution for their clients. They are used to working in diverse organisations and will bring a lot of knowledge from other disciplines to make your projects more successful.

Chunk Locals work as a creative team/studio or as part of an existing team. They build a high quality creative agency within your organisation. Worry-free and extremely flexible.


Chunk Locals are a great fit within our organisation, a very flexible, creative workforce

It is very easy to scale up Chunk Locals, across multiple disciplines



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The Netherlands

Frank Rosenhart

Account Manager Chunk Locals
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